Constantine vocal ensemble

Dalibor Marković

Dalibor Marković (b.1972), graduated from the Elementary Music School and the Music High School in Niš. Additionally, he graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade where he earned a BA in Music Pedagogy.
Marković is active as a singer and music arranger. He is an accompaniment performer for the Elementary School St. Sava Choir from Niš. He was a member of the Obilić (Krsmanović) Choir, the Chamber Choir Niš, and the Branko Church Choir also from Niš.
Marković is a board member of the Niš Region Elementary School Choirs and Orchestras Review.
In 1994, Marković participated inn the World Choir Enable in Bayreuth, Germany. As a conductor, Marković performed in France, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Poland, Republika Srpska and Serbia. During his career, Marković worked with eminent conductors such as Thomas Neuhoff (Germany), Pavel Kotla (Poland), Daniele Giulio Moles (Italy), Darinka Matić Marović (Serbia), Đorđe Stanković (Serbia), Miloje Nikolić (Serbia), Nemanja Savić (Republika Srpska), and Milorad Veljković Špaja (Serbia).

Marković successfully prepared the Music High School Choir from Niš for their participation in Cavalleria rusticana.