Constantine vocal ensemble

Constantine vocal ensemble

Vocal Group Constantine from Niš was formed in October 2008 by a group of chamber music enthusiasts and musicians in order to approach this music genre in a new way. Constantine’s diverse program is based on the works of Serbian and international musicians working in ethno, pop, rock, jazz, film, and church music. The program is focused on klapa singing as an attempt to surpass the borders of the convectional. For that reason Constantine’s repertoire includes various pieces from the whole of the XX century as well as different musical melodies that were written even earlier and belong to the ethno and church music traditions. The program consists of both original musical arrangements and new arrangements written by the members of the group.

Constantine’s goal is promotion and affirmation of all chamber and non-traditional vocal ensembles as well as the preservation of music culture in Niš, Serbia and beyond. Consequently the city of Niš has recognized this effort and granted the group the most prestigious town award "11. january".

Constantine held over 20 solo concerts and participated in several music festivals in Serbia and abroad including:

- 2009 Music festival Niš (NIMUS), Niš, Serbia; Nisville Jazz Festival, Niš, Serbia; International Jazz Festival Geza Balaz Gari, Kikinda, Serbiač
- 2010 Movie festval, Nis, Serbia;
- 2011 Music Edict, 2nd International Festival, Music Edict, Niš, Serbia; International festival of klapa music, Perast, Crna Gora;
- 2012 Festival of Serbian Culture, Bjalistok, Poland;International festival of klapa music, Perast, Crna Gora; 24.Internacionalne horske svecanosti, Nis, Serbia;
- 2013 International festival of klapa music (Constantine vocal ensemble wins the Grand Prix of the fetival), Perast, Crna Gora; 10.Koncept, International choral and vocal ensemble festival, Kragujevac, Serbia; Festival Homoljski motivi, Kučevo, Serbia;
- 2014 Spring in Belgrade, music festival, Belgrade, Serbia; Music festival (LEDAMUS), Leskovac, Servia; International festival of folklore and choir msic, Elk, Poland; 25. International choir festival, Niš, Serbia; 53. Youth festival, Knjaževac, Serbia; 49th Mokranjac festival, Negotin (Mokranje), Serbia; Movie festival, Niš, Serbia; 1st festival and competition for choirs, Vrnjačka banja, Serbia (Constantine vocal ensemble achieved 1st place and winner of category Men ensebles)


- Hall of the faculty of Arts, Niš, Serbia; NIMUS hall of National theatre, Niš, Serbia; NISHVILLE Jazz festival at Forthress, Niš, Serbia; 8th International Jazz festival Beza Balaz Gari at National theathre, Kikinda, Serbia;

- Great hall of Endowment of Ilija M.Kolarac, Belgrade, Serbia; Museum night, gallery Mija Stanimirović, Niš, Serbia; World Music day, Obrenovac street, Niš, Serbia; National theatre, Kikinda, Serbia; Gallery Serbia, Niš, Serbia;

- 2nd international festival of church music, Music Edict, Niš, Serbia; 10th International festival of Klapa music, Perast, Montenegro;

- Festive city house hall, Kuršumlija; House of Culture, Aleksinac, Serbia; Saint Sava square, Kraljevo, Serbia; Summer stage, Bela Palanka, Serbia; Gallery Serbia, Niš, Serbia; 11th festival of Klapa music, Perast, Montenegro; 1st festival of Serbian culture, Bialystok, Poland;

- Embassy of Republic of Serbia, Sofia, Bulgaria; House of culture, Trešnjevica, Serbia; Center of culture Nikola Đurković, Kotor, Montenegro; Center of culture Tivat, Montenegro; House of culture, Bela Palanka, Serbia; 10th International festival of choirs and vocal ensembles at City museum, Kragujevac, Serbia; TELSIKS hall of faculty of Art, Niš, Serbia; Banski palace, Banja Luka, Republika Srpska; 12th International festival of Klapa music, Perast, Montenegro; 2nd festival of Serbian culture, Bialystok, Poland

- Serbian cultural center, Subotica, Serbia; LEDAMUS National theatre, Leskovac, Serbia; 3rd festival of Serbian Culture Bialystok, Poland; Days of Stanislav Binički at House of culture, Jasika, Serbia; 49th Mokranjac day, Church of Saint Trinity, Mokranje, Serbia;

- Nisville Jazz Festival, Niš, Serbia 8th International Jazz Festival Geza Balaš, Kikinda, Serbia

- 2nd International Festival of Church Music, Music Edict, Niš, Serbia 10th International Klapa Festival, Perast, Montenegro

- 11th International Klapa Festival, Perast, Montenegro 1st Festival of Serbian Culture, Bjalistok, Poland

- 12th International Klapa Festival, Perast, Montenegro 2nd Festival of Serbian Culture, Bjalistok, Poland Homolj’s Motives Festival, Kučevo, Serbia

Constantine collaborates with renowned musicians and music groups from Serbia while many eminent Serbian musicians praise their work. Most notably:
- the recently desisted Professor Predrag Ivanović, a doyen of Yugoslavian Jazz Music and a founder of the Ivanović Quartet,
- Miša Blam, Jazz double bassist,
- Bilja Krstić, renowned pop music singer and founder of the internationally known music group Bistrik,
- Leontina Vukomanović, composer, pop music singer and a member of music group Duo Moderato from Belgrade,
- Milan Ignjatovic, composer and guitarist in group Duo moderato from Belgrade,
- Đorđe Stanković, master conductor,
- Dragana Velickovic, composer and professor of music in Nisa,
- Vuk Milanovic, composer and professors of music in Novi Sad,
- Marija PAsiljeva, singing professor and opera oinger from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Group Members:

- Bojan Stanković (1st Tenor)
- Dalibor Marković (1st Tenor)
- Mario Petrović (1st Tenor)
- Aleksandar Stefanović (2nd Tenor)
- Miloš Gavrilović (2nd Tenor)
- Marko Milanović (Baritone)
- Miodrag Perović (Baritone)
- Dimitrije Pančić (Baritone)
- Ilija Stojadinović (Bass)
- Ivan Stojanović (Bass)
Former group members include Milan Kocić, Nenad Jovanović and Igor Nikolić.